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Studying with Alina



we are all eternal students, as well as teachers for each other. there are lessons to be learned from everyone and every experience around us. being open and available to let these lessons in, is so important in our growth as human beings. to reveal what is deep in the heart and core of ourselves through our voice, can elevate the music to a highly profound level. 

what i try to pass on to my students, is the process of allowing ourselves to become completely vulnerable to the moment and the music. becoming deeply connected with who we are as artists, will allow us to connect to the music and share a profound experience with the listener. 

i invite you to study with me! we'll drink tea. we'll laugh. we'll talk about life. who are you. what are you doing. why are you doing it. where do you want to go next. how can you get there.

we'll work on the technical aspects; tone, phrasing, interpretation, rhythm, improvisation, while tapping into the emotional and spiritual side of music, and our potential to transform ourselves and this world.


workshops + private study

From beginners to master class in classical and latin jazz piano. Alina caters to the needs of her students with sincerity and patience.

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